Welcome to Dazet.com!  This site belongs to the direct descendants of Albert Dazet the first, who migrated to New Orleans from Mazerolles, France, between 1864 &1868.  Albert, who would become a prominent citizen, restaurant/saloon proprietor and property owner in New Orleans, was our great-grandfather. Our late father, Albert Dazet (the 3rd), was born and raised in New Orleans by our grandfather, Albert Dazet (the 2nd) and Mae Kelly Dazet, our grandmother, whose grandparents emigrated from Ireland during the early years of the Irish Potato Famine.

Our father was married to Phyllis A. Dietrich of North Dakota, descendant of Norwegian and German homesteaders of the Dakota Territory, the Norwegians moving westward by way of Iowa and Minnesota in the 1860s, and the Germans, who had emigrated from South Russia, coming just a few years later, in 1871.

In 1955 Dad moved the family to Heidelberg, Germany where he was employed by the US Army at HQ US Army Europe. The Dazet family lived in the Heidelberg area for 25 years, so this site will have much information about Heidelberg and our time there.

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